How to install BVTK
Did you know?
The outlined words are interactive! Move the mouse over them (or click them) and something will pop up.
1. Requirements
In order to install and use BVTK, you will need to download if you don't have them already, two things: the Blender application (version 2.79) and the BVTK zipped file. You just need to click on these two links below. Don't unzip the BVTK file, if it is automatically unzipped you will have to zip it again.
get blender 2.79
download page
download page
Once you have it, you can install Blender. It shouldn't be hard, but in case you need help, there's a complete guide here to solve any doubt. Before proceeding open Blender and make sure it's running without any problems.
2. Install the add-on
Since the following is the standard procedure to install every Blender add-on, you can find online plenty of similar (and probably more detailed) guides about how to do it. For example, if you prefer you may watch this video on Youtube.
Open Blender
In the top bar choose
File > User Preferences
and click on the menu option. The preferences window should pop up.
In the window just opened, select the
In the bottom part of the window, click
Install Add-on from File...
Search among your files for the file previously downloaded, then click once again
Install Add-on from File...
near the top right corner of the window. You should see BVTK appearing in the add-on list. Before going further, make sure you are connected to the internet, or the next step will fail. Note that you won't need the access to the web every time you use the software but just during this installation process.
Click on the
next to the add-on name. You may have to wait a few seconds since at this point the actual installation will secretly start in background. If the tick after a while simply appears, the add-on has been successfully installed. Alternatively, a webpage should pop up with a few indications about how to solve your error.
In the bottom left of the window click on
save user settings
. By doing this you'll enable the add-on once for all and you won't have to enable it each time you open Blender, which is annoying and confusing if you are new to the software.